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The vineyard

While remaining conscious of economic realities, the Arjolle Estate strives to produce high-quality grapes while preserving both environmental and consumer health. 

Traceability and sensible agricultural practices are the pillars of our professional activities.

The Terra Vitis method allows growers to contribute to the preservation of the land and the life of the vineyard. Recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, this certification attests to a sensible agricultural practice. A set of practices are mastered that promise complete transparency for the benefit of consumers.

Come and observe the sharply defined lines and perfect geometry of the vineyard, allowing for easy mechanization that still carefully tends to each vine.

Come discover our wealth of flora and fauna, preserved by non-extensive agricultural practice that maintains waterway purity and ecological bounty.

Come and take in the delicious smell of the soils and the perfume of freshly cut grass: work on the surface of the ground (trimming the grass) and deep down (tilling the earth) is adapted to each type of soil and to the climatic conditions. Weed killers aren’t allowed; rather we tend to the land carefully and manually between grape harvests, using methods that do not require the use of heavy machinery and its reliance on non-renewable energy.

Come and smell the grape flowers with their lingering, subtle aromas: blossoming is that delicate period in the formation of the fruit, and it is also the moment when all care must be taken to ensure against diseases. Careful monitoring, counting, and environmental pressures are the only conditions to account for in planning treatment. We engage only in sensible interventions. They are not systematic, in the interest of environmental protection, and they will result in grapes that are healthy and free of parasites. These are some of the constant, decades-old concerns of the staff of Arjolle estate.

Come and enjoy the diversity of our grapes: from the most traditional (grenache, syrah) to the most exotic (zinfandel, carménère), as well as those originating from other French wine-growing regions (chardonnay, sauvignon, viognier, muscat, cabernet, merlot). 

Caveau de dégustation, visites de la cave, du chai de 1000 barriques et l'embouteillage :

Nous vous accueillons tout au long de l'année à la boutique du domaine (hors dimanches et jours fériés).

Les horaires sont : Novembre à Février - lundi au vendredi: 9h00 - 18h00 - samedi : 9h00 - 13h00 Mars à Octobre - lundi au samedi: 9h00 - 18h00