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Savor the variety. Master all the flavor notes.

Harvests go from the end of August for Chardonnay up to mid-October for Lyre, so we have eight weeks of work to create a range that results in nearly twenty varieties.

Wine production in the Arjolle estate has been shaped over the years to yield the best results for each parcel with the goal of providing you with an enjoyable wine. Each of our products is connected to a very unique production process, so we ensure a high degree of quality regularity while mastering the subtlest flavor effects.

At the Arjolle Estate, the majority of our wines are aged with their deposits, whether in a tank or a barrel. It’s true that in the olden days, wine merchants noted that barrels of white wine purchased six months earlier at the vintner’s were even richer and more complex than they were at the last tasting.

Much later they realized that the barrel had been shaken a number of times before it got to their storehouse. That’s the moment when aging with deposits made its appearance in the world of winemaking.

During the harvest, every operation results from careful reflection on the part of the production team (Charles, Guilhem, Roland) and the cellar team (Roch, François and Louis-Marie).

Indeed, harvest is the moment when the process changes hands, when the grower and the wine maker share confidence, and a powerful synergy is created at the Arjolle estate.

All of our wine is made on the estate. Around 40% of production is aged in barrels from 6 to 12 months. The other wines are aged in tanks.

In red wines, Arjolle is more oriented toward silky and rich textures, with production featuring slow crushing and aging in barrels.

In white wines, the most common practice is to create high-end wines that are the product of a blending of varieties.

All of our production is bottled right on the estate.

From blends to single variety vintages, from zinfandel to viognier, our wines are emblematic of the richness and diversity of the estate’s production. 

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