Since 1974, these are the key words behind the vision of the estate’s vintners: quality, diversity and delicious wine.

This diversity is translated into a wide range of vintages: from blended wines (Paradoxe, Méridienne, Equinoxe,…), single variety vintages (Synthèse, Muscat Petits Grains, sauvignon blanc,…) and original varieties (Carménère, Zinfandel and Allégria).


Color : Vin Rouge

Grape : 40% Cabernet-Franc, 30% Syrah, 10% Cabernet-Sauvignon et 10% Grenache

Tasting notes Vin brillant, opaque, à la robe rubis foncée avec des nuances allant d'une teinte aubergine vers une couleur pourpre.
Au nez, le vin est dominé par une trame aromatique suave et veloutée où les arômes de fruits noirs et rouges confitures dominent. Une vraie balade aromatique pour nos sens olfactifs.
La bouche, c'est du bonheur à l'état pur. L'attaque est souple et ronde sur une trame onctueuse et fruitée. La structure nous rappelle vite que nous sommes face à un vin rouge, avec une acidité mentholée et des tanins fins et soyeux qui apportent de la puissance et de l'amplitude à la richesse de la bouche. Un vin voluptueux et charmeur avec une finale dense mais jamais lourde.
Un vin en toute beauté.

Agreements dishes and wines : Côtelettes d’agneaux, terrine de foie de volailles…

Paradoxe Red

Color : Red Wine

Grape : 40% Syrah, 25% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc and 10% Grenache

Tasting notes Introducing an uncommon blend of Mediterranean varieties (Syrah, Grenache) and Bordeaux varieties (Cabernet, Merlot). With an intense and deep ruby color, the aromas are an explosion of red and black berries, as well as violet with a subtle note of roasted wood. The palate reveals a superb, dense, and fine structure. The tannins are generous and of the finest quality. The finish is nice and long, dominated by black berry and a balsamic point.

Agreements dishes and wines : Filet mignon, Languedoc steak, cheese…

Palais Royal

Color : Red Wine

Grape : 100% Merlot

Tasting notes This wine's robe is reminiscent of a black chocolate truffle. It has a full and pungent nose, and its flavor sensation carries aromas of cacao shavings and roasted coffee.
It has a finish that is just as complex, ending with velvety points.

Agreements dishes and wines : Chocolate tart, cheese, desserts, aperitifs…


Color : Red Wine

Grape : 100% Merlot

Tasting notes This wine is adorned with a beautiful ruby robe with brilliant reflections.
The nose expresses a beautiful complexity on notes of fresh fruit and red berry, almost like fruit preserves and vanilla.
The burst of flavor is generous, and harmonizes freshness, fully body, and wonderful tannins, evidence of its great maturity.
It has a lingering finish dominated by ripe fruit notes and a hint of roasting.

Agreements dishes and wines : Filet mignon, leg of lamb with figs and honey, pelardon cheese…


Color : Red Wine

Grape : 80% Cabernet-Sauvignon and 20% Cabernet-Franc

Tasting notes This wine has a strong character, seen in its bigarreau cherry hue and its dense, powerful bouquet.
The powerful and elegant onset of flavor is as fresh as the nose.
In the mouth, this wine is rich and generous, with a perfect equilibrium between composition and tannins. It has strong tannin structure that delivers a wonderful finish.

Agreements dishes and wines : Roast beef with roquefort, quail with raisins, cheese…


Color : White wine

Grape : 40% Sauvignon blanc, 40% Viognier and 20% Muscat Petits Grains

Tasting notes It has a sparkling golden robe with golden reflections. The bouquet is complex, bold, and elegant: the fruity, floral, and mineral (smoky) are all marvelously accompanied by a pleasant and restrained woody tone.
In the mouth, the sensation is suave, well-rounded, gentle, with well-balanced "acidity"; the aromas are charming, with vanilla, buttery notes, and a citrus, mineral finish.

Agreements dishes and wines : Poulet de Bresse with morels, mullet filets, chicken curry.

Traditional method – Chardonnay

Color : White wine

Grape : 100% Chardonnay

Tasting notes The Delphine de Margon Traditional Method creates a pale gold robe. This is a crystalline wine with a very delicate crispness.
The first aroma immediately reveals the nobility of Chardonnay, with its array of floral and mineral sensations. Swirling the wine reveals notes of preserved fruit (citrus, apricot, quince) and sweet almond that is conveyed in the taste as well.
The wine features bold, pure flavor which perfectly balances with the silky, full-bodied texture.
It has a lingering finish ending on a lively and structured finale with a slightly smoky note.

Agreements dishes and wines : Oysters, grilled foie gras…

K – Carménère

Color : Red Wine

Grape : 100% Carménère

Tasting notes The depth of the robe foretells of the intensity of this wine. The nose is rich and complex and diffuses notes of blackcurrant, blackberries, and red berries. The herbal peaks add a certain freshness reminiscent of the odor of grilled red peppers. The in-mouth sensation is well-rounded, and the body's richness coats the palate. Well-mastered tannins. A long finish with ripe cherry aroma and smoky notes bring the sensation to a close.

Agreements dishes and wines : Red meat, beef tartare, minced poultry…

Z – Zinfandel

Color : Red Wine

Grape : 100% Zinfandel, the only hectare in France

Tasting notes This is an extraordinarily original wine (the only hectare planted in France) of a dark red, almost black color, with violet-colored reflections.
The bouquet is wonderfully representative of its uniqueness, with sensations of blackcurrant, and a strong tones of liquorice and spice.
You'll detect notes of fresh-cut geranium that are typical of the vintage.
The palate beautifully shows off the wine's bouquet, with a wonderful balance of power and vivaciousness. You'll experience the freshness of the taste sensation and the rich and full tannins. The spicy, long finish due to masterful extraction, with wonderful body and excellent maturation, will let you age this wine for a good, long while.

Agreements dishes and wines : Exotic dishes, tajines, couscous…


Color : White wine

Grape : 100% Muscat Petits Grains

Tasting notes This white wine comes from Passerillée vintages, and it features a sparkling golden yellow robe. It has an elegant and intense nose with savory notes of apricot and preserved orange peel. The initial sensation is a true burst of flavors, with orange, lichee, mango, and clementine. The taste sensation is just as delightful as the nose: full body and dense acidity create the perfect harmony. The wine has a long finish with a zesty peak, dominated by mango and white peach.

Agreements dishes and wines : Grilled foie gras, tarte tatin…


Color : Rosé

Grape : 45% Cabernet-Franc, 45% Syrah and 10% Grenache

Tasting notes This wine is a blend of three varieties and it features a bright and brilliant rose robe. The perfume it releases is a mixture of wild red fruit flavors (strawberry and raspberry).
In the mouth, the fleshy quality is emphasized initially, and then comes an aromatic palate that is just as complex as the nose. It ends with a voluptuous sensation that is slightly citrus, giving it an edifying balance.

Agreements dishes and wines : Tagliatelles with pistou, ratatouille…


Color : Red Wine

Grape : 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet-Sauvignon

Tasting notes Blend of two vintages matured in barrels for one year. This wine shows off its elegance in its darker tint and its dense and powerful bouquet.
On the palate, after a bold burst of flavor, you'll find a full-bodied structure, wonderful development with perfect notes of woodiness.
The in-mouth sensation has a lingering and pleasant sensation, dominated by notes of red berry and preserved fruit.

Agreements dishes and wines : Old-style Garenne rabbit, red meat with gravy, Roquefort…


Color : Rosé

Grape : 60% Syrah and 40% Cabernet

Tasting notes This wine, from a blend of two vintages, boasts a bright and brilliant rose robe. The perfume it releases is a mixture of wild red fruit flavors (strawberry and raspberry).
In the mouth, the fleshy quality is emphasized initially, and then comes an aromatic palate that is just as complex as the nose.

Agreements dishes and wines : Tagliatelle, pizzas, sausages, boudin with potatoes…

Dernière Cueillette

Color : White wine

Grape : 100% Chardonnay

Tasting notes It has a lasting gold robe that shimmers with golden light. Its nose reveals hints of crunchy, slightly roasted hazelnut…the taste sensation presents buttery and toasted notes. It has a supple, round texture that is crowned with a touch of acidity.
This is a marvelous gourmet wine sure to be an unforgettable sensation…

Agreements dishes and wines : Savoy cheese (Comté, Beaufort, Roblochon…), grilled monk fish…


Color : White wine

Grape : 100% Chardonnay

Tasting notes Glowing yellow robe with green reflections. With a lively, fruity nose featuring the typical aromas of a Chardonnay. A supple, round onset of flavors, including very ripe fruit (apple, pear...). It has a suave finish, with hints of brioche and a trace of smokiness.

Agreements dishes and wines : Filet of sole, goat cheese…

Paradoxe Blanc

Color : White wine

Grape : 60% Viognier and 40% Sauvignon

Tasting notes The "must-have" of the Arjolle whites. Paradoxe Blanc features all the expertise of the Arjolle Estate in the production of great white wines: this elegant, balanced, and fresh wine can be stored for a long time…
Serving this wine in a carafe only makes it more delightful.

Agreements dishes and wines : Oysters with champagne, fish in parchment, stir-fry, cheeses (goat, Pelardon, Conté, Cantal…)

Viognier Sauvignon Blanc

Color : White wine

Grape : 50% Sauvignon and 50% Viognier

Tasting notes Dressed in a pale yellow robe with crystalline green reflections, Viognier-Sauvignon Blanc will delight you with its subtle, floral bouquet. In the mouth, there are strong white flower notes; honeysuckle and lichee come together in lovely harmony. With an ample palate and fresh and well-balanced characteristics. Perfect balance!

Agreements dishes and wines : Aperitif, seafood tray, fish dinners…

Muscat Petits Grains

Color : White wine

Grape : 100% Muscats Petits Grains

Tasting notes There is an explosion of aromas when you open the bottle: the nose is saturated with exotic flavors, including lichee, mango, passion fruit, and some notes of oriental spice.
Sweet burst of flavor carried by notions of fresh fruit, and a sensation advancing on a dense, rich flavor profile. It ends on an opulent, but not excessive finale, marked by floral nuances with slight acidity that perfectly reveal the finesse and freshness of this wine.

Agreements dishes and wines : Asparagus, foie gras, goat cheese, aperitifs,…

Sauvignon Blanc

Color : White wine

Grape : 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting notes Enjoy right away, and store for a maximum of 5 years. Serve at a temperature of 6/8°C.
Pale yellow robe, clear, and brilliant.
Fine nose overall with notes of white fruit and citrus.
Freshness and vivacity in the mouth carried by excellent equilibrium.
Velvety first sensation and astonishingly bold finish.

Agreements dishes and wines : Aperitif, seafood tray, fish dinners…

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